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Email parser
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Sample email parsers  Guide to the email parsing samples
Sample file transformers  Guide to the file search + transformation samples
Sample web scrapers  Guide to the web scraping samples
Sample solutions: web / file / email data transformers  Sample solution database
Word pairs ("proximate words") email parser  Identify messages containing word pairs within a certain distance of each other
Email parser  Extract labeled fields from generated messages and transmit them to a database
Line break conversion  Converting line breaks: line feed to (carriage return + line feed), + vice versa
File search + replacement  Searching for + replacing text in files
File text search  Grep-like file search
Syntax checker  File syntax error checking - general principles
Web page number scraper  Scraping numbers and other info from web pages
HTML table parser  Extracting data from the first 5 columns of an HTML table
Web page text scraper  Scraping titles, headers and other text from web pages
Web page keyword watcher  Watching web pages for keywords

Technical information

Database + ODBC  Configuring a database and an ODBC Data Source Name
Data Splitter Development Tools  Data Splitter software development kit
Email parsing: generate database from emails with Data Splitter  Database creation from stored e-mails, MAPI email interface
Parsing, state machines, regular expressions  Discussion of related concepts: parsing, regular expressions, state machines, state awareness, ...
Parse XML with Data Splitter  Building an XML parser with Data Splitter, theory + example
U.S. Patent: "Configurable Pattern Recognition and Filtering Tool"  How I got a U.S. patent on this idea for about $3000 (+ labor)
Release notes  Notes regarding recent Data Splitter releases