Data Splitter Development Tools

Developers can extend Data Splitter's capability with the Data Splitter Development Tools.   Contact Data Splitter support for more information.

Development tools files :
DSCmd.exe Command line version of Data Splitter
DXLib.dll Data Splitter library
DXLib.h DXLib.dll function interface definition
dsx.h Data Splitter extension DLL interface definition
idx.h IDX01 interface definition (required by DXLib.h)
ixxinbuf.h IXXINBUF (input buffer) interface definition (required by dsx.h)
xxdefs.h Basic #defines, typedefs, etcetera (required by ixxinbuf.h)
dscmd.cpp Source code for DSCmd.exe (illustrates use of IDX01 interface to DXLib.dll)
dsx.cpp Sample UDF implementation
dxdb.dll Database interface DLL (required by DXLib.dll)
dxhttp.dll HTTP support DLL (required by DXLib.dll)
fsel.dll Message system interface DLL (required by DXLib.dll)
ReadMe.txt Description of the Development Tools files

DXLib.dll exports two functions :

DXLib.dll requires prior installation of Data Splitter.   DXLib.dll also requires registration after the 30-day evaluation period.

DSCmd.exe is a command line version of Data Splitter.   It accepts a single command line argument, the .DSS file to run, and calls DXLib.dll.