Example :  search for text in files

File-Search.dss searches the input files for the text strings specified in "search items".   It generates 4 output files :

You can specify multiple search items :

screen shot: file search item list

The Enabled checkbox allows you to specify which items to include in the search.   This feature allows you to leave your "favorites" in the list without having to delete them.   The same is true of the input file list :

screen shot: input file list

The output format is completely under the user's control.   For example :

screen shot: actions containing HTML for formatting output

... if you don't like the red highlighting in the HTML output file you can modify the "GotHit" actions.
See Data Splitter help for more information.

Technical notes

The output of Data Splitter / File-Search resembles that of the output of the grep utility.   It decides it has found the search items when the "Line tail" node is recognized, so that's where "the action is" (the node where the actions are performed).   The sequence recognized is :

  * - search items - *

screen shot: file search definition

This parser recognizes the * (asterisk, or "anything but newline") pattern, i.e. all characters except carriage returns (13 decimal) and line feeds (10 decimal).

Hence it does one line at a time.