screen shot: new text string set

Example :  search and replace

File-Search-Replace.dss replaces occurrences of search items in a string set with their corresponding replacement ("Other text") entries :

In this example, occurrences of "2002-2009" are replaced with "2002-2010", etc.   Any number of Text / Other text pairs can be specified.

File-Search-Replace also generates 2 results summaries :

This transformation works by dividing the input into two categories :

  1. the text strings specified in "new text",
  2. everything else ("*", asterisk) :
screen shot: file search + replace

The action for the * ("everything else") node is simply:  send the associated text to the output file.

The action for the "new text" node is:  send the replacement text defined in "new text" to the output file.

So, everything is sent to the output file "as-is" except the "new text" entries, which are replaced with their "Other text" entries.