Is assistance available?

Yes.  Contact Data Splitter support.

How do I configure the database and the ODBC connection?

Visit the database + ODBC help page.

Is a command-line version of Data Splitter available?

Yes:  DS, in the Data Splitter installation package.   Use DS to run Data Splitter from scripts, batch files, or as a Windows Scheduled Task.

What's the best way to submit sample emails?

The best way to submit email samples is to copy them into a Microsoft Outlook Personal Folders File (.PST) file.   Here's how it's done in Microsoft Outlook 2000 :

You can forward sample emails as well, but this creates emails with the original header moved into the email body, so it's not "live" data.   A parser can still be developed with forwarded emails, but it's always better to use data that's as close to the original as possible.

Note :   All customer data is kept secure and confidential.