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Extract + transform the content.   Generate databases • reports • web pages • new data layouts - a practically unlimited variety of output formats.   Save yourself a lot of copying and pasting.   Let the machines do the work.

The installation packages contain samples to get you started :

Web scrapers
Watch words Watches websites for text item ("string") occurrences.   The user can specify multiple websites, multiple text items, a start time / timer interval, and other settings. more info →
Extract number This sample, which extracts stock quotes from the specified web pages, can be adapted for other uses.   It generates an HTML file (web page) displaying the extracted number and links back to its source web page. more →
Extract title + header Extracts news headlines.   Generates an HTML file displaying the source web page title, a link back to its URL, and the first header tag it encounters.   Use it to monitor multiple websites and collect the output on a single page. more →
Email parsers
Search Searches for multiple text items in Outlook / MAPI email folders. more info →
Search for word pairs Searches for text items "near" each other in MAPI email folders.   "Nearness" is a user-defined distance, i.e. number of characters. more →
EMail to database This template is configured to parse eBay messages but ...
can be adapted to a wide variety of generated email message formats. more →
File transformers
Search Searches a list of files for a list of text items.   Generates 4 output files:
  1. HTML results, with links to the files containing search item matches ("hits")
  2. text results
  3. a simple text list of the files with hits
  4. a simple text summary (number of files scan, number of files with hits, etc.)
The user can modify the output file formats as needed. more info →
Search + replace User specifies :
  1. a list of files
  2. a list of search text items and
  3. their corresponding replacement text items
The program generates a new file for each file listed in (1), with all occurrences of (2) replaced by (3).   It also produces an HTML report listing the scanned files and the number of changes in each. more →
CRLF ⇒ LF Converts carriage return + line feed sequences to line feeds. more →
LF ⇒ CRLF The opposite of CRLF ⇒ LF :  Converts line feeds to [carriage return + line feed]. more →
Filter unprintable characters Extracts printable characters from files containing binary data;
leaves the unprintable stuff behind. more →
Generate site index Generates a website index from a group of web (HTML, PHP, etc.) files.
Extracts info from the <title> and <meta> tags of each file scanned. more →
Generate sitemap Generates a sitemap from a group of web files.
Not included in the installation package yet.   Available upon request.
Count keywords Counts keyword occurrences in files.   Generates a report listing the number of words and keywords in each scanned file. more →
Count lines Counts the number of newline characters, line feeds, etc., in a group of files.   Generates a report listing the number of lines in each scanned file, + the totals at the bottom. more →

Custom solutions

Didn't find what you were looking for?   Request a custom solution ...


Another option:  build your own data transformation solutions.   You can configure Data Splitter yourself.
Visit the tutorial and help topics for more information.

General information

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The command line version, DS.EXE, installs with Data Splitter.   It can run :

These tools can eliminate a lot of tedious, error-prone manual data entry, copying & pasting, etcetera.   Configure it yourself, adapt the samples, or request assistance.

Data Splitter's flexible design delivers a single tool that can search and transform files, scrape web pages, and parse emails.   Contact Data Splitter support for more information.