Error messages

Duplicate link ignored An attempt has been made to create a link between two nodes that are already linked in the requested direction.
Duplicate tag The indicated tag is assigned to another Data Splitter object.
Error(s) in solution The program has detected an error in the solution and will not execute the "Run" command until this condition has been fixed by the user. This will appear in conjunction with an error message describing the problem.
Excess input The indicated solution line has excess data that will be ignored.
Input buffer closed An attempt has been made to use unavailable input data.   Probable cause is execution of an input data transmission action in pre-run or post-run actions.   Input data becomes available just before the pre-stream actions are performed, and becomes unavailable just after the post-stream actions are performed. 
Invalid input The indicated solution line is not recognized by Data Splitter.
No nodes defined At least one node must be defined before the "Run" command will execute.
No pattern / string defined Every node must have an associated pattern or string.
Unable to convert variable to new type The program was unable to convert a variable from the original type to the newly selected type.   For example, a byte sequence containing non-printable characters cannot be converted to a string. 
Unable to execute <program name> An invalid program name has been defined, e.g. for the File Viewer.