Sample solutions

HTML-Unicode-maps-to-CHTMLC filesConvert ISO8859-to-Unicode maps into C include files
Legacy-dataTBDTBDConvert legacy data
File-count-linestextHTMLCount the number of lines in a group of text files
File-count-keywordstextHTML + textCount words and keywords in text files
C-functionsC filestextExtract function headers from C/C++ source
File-filter-unprintablestexttextExtract printable characters from files
File-generate-site-indexHTMLHTMLGenerate a site index from existing web pages
RTF-HTMLRTFHTMLGenerate web pages from RTF
EMail-searchemailHTMLIdentify emails containing specified strings
EMail-from-mailemaildatabaseIdentify messages with specifed sender email addresses
EMail-from-nameemaildatabaseIdentify messages with specifed sender names
EMail-search-word-pairsemailHTMLIdentify messages with word pairs near each other
EMail-basicemaildatabaseImport all messages from folders
CSV-databaseCSVdatabaseImport comma-separated values into a database
PAD-databaseXMLdatabaseImport selected PAD file info into a database
XML-databaseXMLdatabaseImport XML files into a database
Amazon-ordersemaildatabaseParse Amazon order (sold/ship now) messages
Amazon-refundsemaildatabaseParse Amazon refund messages
eBay-end-of-auctionemaildatabaseParse eBay end-of-auction messages
EMail-removesemaildatabaseParse mail list removal requests
PayPal-you-got-cashemaildatabaseParse PayPal *You've Got Cash!* messages
EMail-bouncebacksemaildatabaseParse undeliverable email notification messages
Syntax-checktexttextPerform syntax checking on files
File-LF-CRLFtexttextReplace carriage return - line feed sequences with line feeds
File-CRLF-LFtexttextReplace line feeds with carriage return - line feed sequences
File-HTML-generate-line-breakstextHTMLReplace newline characters with HTML <BR> tags
RTF-linestextRTFReplace newline characters with RTF 'line' tokens
File-search-replacetexttextSearch for + replace data in files
File-searchtextHTML + textSearch for text in files
File-search-widetexttextSearch for text in Unicode / 16-bit text files
File-search-whole-words-onlytexttextSearch for text, whole-words only
File-swap-bytesfilesfilesSwap bytes in files
Census-01wwwdatabaseU.S. Census Bureau table scraper: state populations + areas
Census-02wwwdatabaseU.S. Census Bureau table scraper: zip code data
Web-extract-numberwwwHTMLWeb scraper: extract numbers (stock quotes)
Web-extract-title-headerwwwHTMLWeb scraper: extract title and headers
Web-watch-keywordswwwHTMLWeb scraper: watch websites for selected keywords